For 20 years the Hwarangdo West L.A. Academy has been the beacon of empowerment in Los Angeles, equipping and serving our community through the teachings and training of HwaRangDo.  Countless lives have been affected from the lessons taught at our dojang. The walls of the dojang have witnessed life-changing breakthroughs. The ceiling has reverberated the cries of both struggle and triumph. The mirrors have reflected the souls of our warriors, both young and old. The wooden floors have been washed in the blood, sweat and tears of thousands of Hwarang warriors.

Now, it begins again.

The Hwarangdo West L.A. Academy has moved. 

Our new martial arts studio location is at 12243 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90025.

After a series of events over the past several months, Inst. Goodwin and the staff of our academy have taken the necessary steps to ensure both the safety of our students and our presence on the West side for many more years to come.  Although the location has changed, the warrior spirit of Hwarangdo remains!  This move enables our instructors to give more focus to our students, thus enhancing their training.

#hrdwla #Hwarangdo #dojang

#hrdwla #Hwarangdo #dojang

The beauty of the dojang is coming through.  #hrdwla #SeeingBeautifulThings

The beauty of the dojang is coming through.
#hrdwla #SeeingBeautifulThings



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