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One Horsed Warrior Conquers A Thousand


The school motto of the Hwarangdo West L.A. Academy written on the scroll right on the side of the entrance.  It is there, not for decoration, but to remind us why we train.  If you just read it and simply think that the goal is to train to be so tough that we can beat up […]

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How To Help Your Children Conquer Fear

I cringe when I hear stories of teachers or parents telling their children never to be afraid. I feel that this is so wrong. For children it is confusing and, in my opinion, harmful to teach them that they should not have fear. To fear or be afraid is an emotion, and to have emotion […]

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The Beginning of a New Era

For 20 years the Hwarangdo West L.A. Academy has been the beacon of empowerment in Los Angeles, equipping and serving our community through the teachings and training of HwaRangDo.  Countless lives have been affected from the lessons taught at our dojang. The walls of the dojang have witnessed life-changing breakthroughs. The ceiling has reverberated the […]

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