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The Hwa Rang Do West Los Angeles Academy (HRDWLA) is a traditional martial arts school, which teaches and maintains the high values and moral ethics of classic Eastern philosophies.

Though the academy’s goals are serious, and the training rigorous, we make sure to provide a warm and friendly environment for all – men, women and children.

Hwa Rang Do

Type of Classes

Adult & Family Classes
Belt Programs
Women’s Self-Defense
Grappling (Gotoogi)
Sparring (Yongtoogi)
Weapon Fighting

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Children Martial Arts

Kids & Family Programs

Little Tigers (ages 3-7)
Junior Tigers (ages 7-12)
Teenagers (ages 13-17)
Adults (ages 18+)

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Children More Mature & Disciplined than Adults

My son absolutely loves Hwa Rang Do and what the Academy stands for. I’ve never seen him so dedicated to an activity and the children there are the most well behaved kids I”ve ever seen – more mature and disciplined than most adults. Bravo!

– Maria C.

Mental & Spiritual Challenge

Even though I have been around for a long time, you impress me more and more every time I watch you perform. Your skills are unbelievable Sir! The students really were impressed not only by your physical skills, but by your mental/spiritual skills as well. You have a way of making us think deeper and more clearly about our Art and our life.

Thank you again for all you do for us and the Association.

Hwa Rang!
-Master DavidKijek

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