School Policy

Dojang Kouchik (School Rules)

These rules are established so that the Academy can create an optimal atmosphere conducive to the students learning and gain the proper discipline necessary in order to achieve their goals to become a great martial artist, a great human being.

JUNG DO is the way of the true sword decisive, accurate, and unforgiving. When one follows this path, one becomes the truth in which the spirit dwells, Allowing the Self to be in harmony with the Laws of the Universe.
– Grandmaster Taejoon Lee

The Rules

1. This Dojang should be regarded as a temple of serenity. When you enter the Dojang you must have proper attire and spirit. Silence and stillness are necessary for the right frame of mind. It is imperative to have peace of mind when beginning class, meditating to improve concentration and to enable the student to learn faster and remember more.

2. Student should observe proper etiquette. You must bow to masters, instructors, and other black belts. When bowing, both hands are held in front of the center of the chest, both feet together, then bow from the waist, repeating the words: “Hwa Rang”.

3. Tae Soo Do (TSD) students must always reply with a yes sir or no sir when you are addressing TSD or Hwa Rang Do (HRD) Black Belts. HRD students only to HRD Black Sashes.

4. Before entering the Dojang for class, student must retrieve their Attendance Card and line up in preparation for class.

5. Before entering the Dojang floor, the student must take off their shoes and place their shoes and equipment bag in the locker room. NO BAGS OR SHOES SHOULD BE LEFT OUT IN FRONT. This rack is only for guests. You are responsible for your own dobok, clothing, equipment bag, and weapons. If you leave any of them at the Dojang, they no longer become your property, but the property of the Dojang. It may be dispensed of and if it is still available, the student must do fifty knuckle pushups in order to get it back. For pee-wees and juniors, twenty knuckle pushups. The pushups must be performed on the wooden floor.

6. Upon entering and leaving the Dojang floor, the student must bow to the flags on the wall. When bowing to the flags, your right hand must be held over your heart, to show respect to your country, to the republic of South Korea and to the training area itself.

7. Any time it is necessary to adjust your dobok while on the training area, you must turn facing the back, kneel on the right knee, then fixing your dobok.

8. During weapons practice, if you drop your weapon, then the student must perform knuckle pushups on the wooden floor: TSD students 10, HRD students 20. Your weapons are not toys. If you found playing with them, your weapons may be taken away and your weapon practice privileges suspended.

9. Wash your dobok frequently for good hygiene. A dirty dobok is offensive and distracting to other students.

10. You may not put any other patches, embroidery, or marks on the dobok without first receiving permission from the teacher.

11. Before leaving the Dojang, fold dobok properly. If you do not know how to fold your dobok, ask a higher belt student to help you.

12. Before entering Dojang, students should take care of all person hygiene duties. Instructors should not be interrupted to use the restroom or get a drink of water. Long fingernails and toenails are a danger to you and other students; keep them neatly trimmed. No jewelry such as earrings, large rings, necklaces or watches during class.

13. No alcohol, smoking, or chewing gum chewing in the Dojang. No hats shall be worn in the Dojang by students or guests.

14. No free sparring without supervision by the instructor.

15. Always call the Supreme Grandmaster “Do Joo Nim”, the Grandmaster “Kuk Sun Nim”, master “Kwan Jang Nim”, instructors “Sa Bum Nim”, teachers Kyo Sa Nim, assistant instructors Jo Kyo Nim, and Teuk Gong Team members by their last name.

16. During class session it is absolute necessary to obey and respect instructors, showing respect for higher rank and to maintain mental and spiritual concentration.

17. Once a student has entered the Dojang he/ she should not leave during class instruction. In case of an emergency always ask your instructor for permission to leave.

18. Keep the training area and entire school clean at all times. Regular school cleaning schedules are posted and should be done daily. This is part of your training.

19. Never do anything to dishonor the Dojang or your instructors.

20. If you have any questions during class, raise your hand and wait for the instructor to acknowledge you.

21. If you are tardy, you must show respect to the class in session by going quietly to the dressing room and changing. Then walk over quietly to the entrance of the Dojang floor and perform your knuckle pushups on the wooden floor: for TSD adults 30, for TSD Juniors 20, for TSD Little Dragon 10, for HRD Juniors 30, for HRD adults 50. Then kneel and wait for the instructor to signal you to enter. Even if you are a Pee Wee or Junior student who must rely on your parents for transportation, they are still responsible to perform their knuckle push ups on the wooden floor.

22. The serious students must practice once a day to progress satisfactorily and must attend classes consistently. If you do not maintain regular attendance without notice to the school, you may be expelled from the school with NO REFUND of your tuition and you must meet all your financial obligations.