The Founder

Dr. Joo Bang Lee


After the death of his master in 1969, Suahm Dosa (a Buddhist monk living in hermitage) Dr. Joo Bang Lee was handed the responsibility of preserving the ancient knowledge of the Hwarang Knights. Dr. Joo Bang Lee categorized and systemized all that he had learned, knowledge that was passed from one master to one disciple for 58 generations into what is now known as Hwa Rang Do, a martial, healing and spiritual art in harmony with natural laws that is taught to the public. Until now, Hwarang was only a title and not a specific name for a body of knowledge. For this reason, Dr. Joo Bang Lee is credited as the Founder of Hwa Rang Do.

One should never be content with his/her level of achievement but rather should continuously strive to better oneself in all aspects of the study of Life. Just as a mountain climber reaches the pinnacle of his/her goal, he/she realizes that there are infinitely more pinnacles or goals to reach for. If, however, the climber stops before reaching the top and contently turns back, he/she is no better than those who did not attempt the climb initially. The student of Hwa Rang Do should always attempt to integrate and unify the mind and body into harmony with the natural universe, thus enabling both the mental and physical realms to be healthy, alert and calm.

-Suahm Dosa, the 57th Supreme Grandmaster