How Does Hwa Rang Do Compare?

This table is designed to help you understand the Hwa Rang Do and Tae Soo Do curriculum relative to other martial arts systems you may be familiar with

comparisonchartThis table should provide greater understanding as to why Hwa Rang Do is truly one of the most comprehensive martial art systems in the world. Our training encompasses every facet of martial skills and tactics and as students progress in their training with us, the knowledge level and vastness of their martial experience will also progress.

For new practitioners to the martial arts, Hwa Rang Do presents a diverse set of skills and techniques to help build your foundation.

For those that have previous martial arts training, we guarantee that Hwa Rang Do can offer something new to round-out your skills. And for those that have caught on to the rising wave of UFC (Ultimate Fight Championship) popularity as well as mixed martial arts (MMA) in general, look no further than Hwa Rang Do.

More On Other Martial Arts…

Aikido: The Way of Gathering Ki
Similar styles: Aikijutsu, Hapkido
Origin: Japan
Founder: Morei Ueshiba
Characterizations: Mostly standup joint-manipulation techniques

Hapkido: The Way of Gathering Ki
Origin: Korea
Founder: Credited to Yong Sul Choi (same name as Aikido but in Korean)
Characterizations: Originally mostly standup joint-manipulation techniques. As a result of Dr. Joo Bang Lees (Founder of Hwa Rang Do) contribution to Hapkido in the 60s, kicking and weaponry was integrated in the Hapkido system.

Judo: The Soft Way
Origin: Japan
Founder: Dr. Jigoro Kano
Characterizations: An Olympic sport which mainly focuses on throws and takedowns with some grappling

Jujitsu: The Soft Technique
Other forms: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Gracie Jiu Jitsu, Machado Jiu JItsu
Origin: Japan
Founder: Minamoto Silla Sabro
Characterizations: joint-locks, choking, grappling
Note: One of the oldest Japanese martial arts, founded by a Hwarang warrior from the Kingdom of Silla

Karate-do: The Way of Empty Hand
Similar styles: Shotokan, Isshinryu, Kempo, Kyohushin
Origin: Japan
Founder: Gichin Funakoshi
Characterizations: Mostly hand strikes and kicking (favoring more hands) techniques with some weaponry

Kung Fu: The Study
Origin: China
Founder: unknown
Characterizations: soft flowing movements

Muai Thai: Thai Boxing
Origin: Thailand
Founder: unknown
Characterizations: Often referred to as “The Science of Eight Limbs”, as the hands, feet, elbows, and knees are all used extensively

Taekwondo: The Way of Foot and Hand
Origin: South Korea
Founder: General Choi
Characterizations: Korean national sport, hand strikes and kicking, but primary focus on kicking

Wing Chun: Forever Springtime
Origin: China
Founder: Ng Mui
Characterizations: mostly hand movements

Wu Shu: National Art
Origin: China
Founder: unknown
Characterizations: Soft circular movements, extensive in weaponry and forms, Chinese national sport.
Note: The competitive sparring aspect of Wushu is San-Shou, which is a full-contact fighting application with kicking, punching, and throws.