Gotoogi Grappling Class

Submission Fighting

Grappling Martial Arts

Gotoogi focuses on submission fighting, which is the third and very important stage of fighting. The instruction will teach how to intelligently and effectively spar on the ground.

While Hwa Rang Do teaches discipline to always avoid conflict, we train in order to defend, fight and finish on the ground should it become necessary.

As part of our standard curriculum, one will learn all aspects of gaining control from stand up position to takedown, gain ground control, and apply submission from the ground.

Techniques Covered in Gotoogi (Submission Fighting):

Hip Throws
Shoulder Throws
Leg Pickup
Positioning & Gaining Leverage off the Ground
Escapes and Reversals
Chokes & Neck Manipulation
Arm Locks & Shoulder Locks
Leg Locks

Requirements: Fully Enrolled at the Hwa Rang Do West L.A. Academy

Additional Equipment:
Gotoogi Uniform (Mandatory)

Training & Competing in Gotoogi (Grappling) is Required for ALL Tae Soo Do / Hwa Rang Do Practioners!

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